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Harold Camping speaks… sort of

So the Rapture came and went, and I didn’t see a single zombie. Gutted.

Needless to say, most of us knew ol’ Harold was merely giving harmless stupidity a bad name. There were, however, quite a few people who took his claims seriously, and they are now the poorer for it. This poor man spent $140,000 of his own money on Rapture advertisements, and appeared genuinely distressed when 6pm arrived but Jesus didn’t.

Harold himself is feeling a little disappointed at the moment, as International Business Times discovered when they knocked on his door:

“I’ll need a day,” he says.

Well, Harold, I hope you use that day to think up an apology to all the people you have defrauded, rather than another excuse for why your “calculation” was wrong. Again.

Returning some of your massive fortune would be nice, too.

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