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Counting down with Harold Camping…

That enigmatic robot-voiced super-brain, Harold Camping, has been counting us down to the May 21 Rapture with daily videos on YouTube. Here’s the first:

It’s good to see that he possesses the idiotic certainty of his many predecessors.

Here’s a quick summary of the rest.

13 days before The Rapture
A caller asks, if Harold is so sure the world is going to end, surely there’s no reason why he wouldn’t be willing to hand over all his worldy possessions beforehand…? Needless to say, Harold dodges the question. Perhaps he’s not as certain as he makes out.

12 days before The Rapture
Harold tells us that there will be a lot of zombies walking around on May 21. Must remember to watch Shaun of the Dead on May 20.

11 days before The Rapture
“If you are still preaching in a church”, cue dramatic music, “you… are… a… servant… of… SATAN”. Kind of agree with him on that one.

10 days before The Rapture
“Numbers are words. Numbers are words. Well, now, the number 17 is a word”. Last time I checked, numbers were actually numbers, but anyway… In this video, Harold dazzles us with the rigorous calculations that led him to the date of May 21. More on this in a later post.

9 days before The Rapture
Sorry, I fell asleep during this one. No idea what it’s about.

8 days before The Rapture
Harold gives himself a well-deserved pat on the back for being the longest serving radio host in the history of the universe.

7 days before The Rapture
He seemed to be running out of new material at this point, because he’s pretty much just cobbled together a few sound bites from the previous seven videos. Oh, and there is no chance that The Rapture won’t happen on May 21.

6 days before The Rapture
Harold confirms what we suspected all along – it’s all the gays’ fault!

5 days before The Rapture
In which the Family Radio Internet Department, a guy named Guy, looks lovingly at his answering machine. Seriously good viewing.

4 days before The Rapture
Harold explains why he was wrong with his previous Rapture prediction, but not this one.

3 days before The Rapture
In this video, posted just over an hour ago, we meet Harold’s wife of 68 years, see what looks to be a paid advertisement for The Rapture in USAToday, and learn that Harold likes pretty much anything, except spicy foods. It’s also starting to look like Harold may not actually make it to May 21.

But I sooo hope he does.

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  1. Dan says:

    Y’all gonna feel pretty silly when the zombies ask you where all your friends have gone.

  2. betathome says: is bookmarked for future reference!

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