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I have a lot of sympathy and understanding for religious people in general, but religious leaders make me really, really angry. They always seem to escape their own teachings unscathed. Their hapless followers, not so much:

America’s National Public Radio interviewed groups of people who believed they would be “raptured” on May 21, with many saying they no longer cared about keeping their jobs or worrying about their retirement funds.

One Orlando couple, Adrienne and Joel Martinez, who have a toddler daughter and a baby on the way, quit their jobs and decided to spend all of their money.

Harold Camping may very well have believed his Rapture prediction, and good intentions often excuse bad decisions, but there has to be a limit to how much damage you can cause before you are labelled an irresponsible charlatan. And given that Camping has already come out with a revised Rapture date, he is certainly doing everything he can to reach that limit.

Which makes a nice seguey to these guys:

An evangelical offshoot of Hillsong Church has opened a “School of the Supernatural” offering a course it reportedly says teaches the power to cure cancer, help women conceive and bring the dead back to life.

These people, the religious leaders I mean, cause real harm, to real people. They prey on vulnerabilities and fears, and are never held to account for the damage they inflict. We force companies to provide refunds for misleading products, but if you’re a religion, we’ll give you a tax-break.

Time for a rethink, methink.

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