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Uh oh…

It looks like it might be time to recall our ambassador, revoke the passports of our IPL players, and dust off the old ‘duck and cover’ videos. An Australian just put a Hindu goddess on a swimsuit. This shit could go nuclear.

Well, that may be a slight exaggeration. But some Hindus in India are mightily pissed off:

Demonstrators in Amritsar burned the Australian flag and waved placards on Sunday in protest at a skimpy swimsuit print depicting the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, which was shown at Australian Fashion Week.

Personally, I’m offended by (among other things, and in no particular order) sexism, racism, homophobia, violence, slavery, paedophilia, willful ignorance, and religiously-inspired bigotry (often the sole source of the previous seven). Pictures of imaginary deities on swimsuits don’t do much to incite my indignation. It is, after all, just a picture.

Also, a tip for the future… if you’re offended by a picture, you might want to consider whether it’s sensible to express your anger by printing off a few hundred copies yourself.

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