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Time to grow up

Two recent incidents have rammed home the utter juvenility of our elected representatives.

The first incident can be summarised as follows:

    MPs are carrying on like screeching monkeys.

    The (Labor) Speaker issues a warning that the next monkey who screeches out of turn will be tossed out of the House.

    The (Liberal) Monkey for Paterson, Bob Baldwin, thinks that sounds like a lark, so he screeches out of turn.

    Speaker makes good on his promise, leading to a vote on whether the Monkey for Paterson should be ejected.

    With two independents absent from the chamber, the (Liberal) Opposition, and not the Government, win the vote.

    Speaker announces his intention to reconsider his position, in light of parliament not following his recommendation.

    Opposition realises this would temporarily elevate the (Liberal) Deputy Speaker to Speaker, costing them a vote in the House.

    Leader of the Opposition therefore calls a motion of confidence in the speaker.

    Prime Minister seconds the motion.

What fun!

As for the second incident:

    Finance Minister, Penny Wong, is speaking.

    Penny is interrupted.

    Penny asks if she can finish her sentence.

    Liberal Senator David Bushby makes a “meowing” sound.

I can’t decide which is worse – the rampant sexism or the unabashed immaturity. Either way, isn’t it nice to know that we have such intelligent, dignified people running our country?

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  1. Cyrus says:

    Parlaiment is becoming more and more like a bad episode (not that there were any good ones) of Benny Hill.

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