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Time to pull our fat fingers out

I just came back from a rather good lunch of Pad Thai (washed down with a refreshing Coopers Pale Ale), opened SMH online, and was confronted with this:

“Too little, too late.”
That’s the phrase that’s often been used to describe the international response to the famine in the Horn of Africa, where more than 12 million people need food aid because of a severe drought.

12 million people without food… and here I am with a stomach full of food that I didn’t even really need. Disgusting. So I went straight to UNICEF to make a donation. If you can, you should too.

East Africa Famine, Drought, Conflict

From the same SMH article:


  • The Marxist policies of Mengistu Haile Mariam, which he began abandoning in 1990 with some economic reforms, left a country ravaged by economic decline, famine and regional conflicts that consumed half the state budget. In 1984-85, in the famine, up to one million Ethiopians starved to death.
  • For months in 1984, Mengistu denied the devastating famine in Ethiopia’s north. Aid workers later recalled he flew in planes loaded with whisky to celebrate the anniversary of his revolution, as hunger deepened.
  • Bob Geldof, after watching pictures of the famine, organized Live Aid in 1985 to try to alleviate the hunger. Watched by 1.5 billion people, it raised $100 million for Africa’s starving.
  • Somalia

  • The United Nations said on July 18 it had started airlifting food aid to rebel-held parts of drought-hit Somalia and that Islamist insurgents had abided by a pledge to allow relief workers free access.
  • Some 10 million people are affected in the region, dubbed the “triangle of death” by local media, that straddles Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia. Somalia has had no effective central government for two decades, worsening the impact of recurring droughts.

If that doesn’t spur you to action, these photos might. And to see how the region’s religions are doing everything they can to help, go here.

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