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This is just weird

There are a few religious websites I like to check out from time to time. Sure, most of the time it fills you with either unquenchable rage or bottomless despair for the future of mankind, but every now and then it’s just frikken hilarious. And by hilarious I mean weird. The letters page of the Australian Catholic Weekly recently provided just such an occasion.

Check this shit out.

Bernard, from Clayfield, QLD
I heartily endorse the proposal by Martin Kerrigan to revive and promote the Holy Name Society. Ever since the Catholic Church disbanded its armies, the devil and his minions have pretty much ruled the roost. It’s high time we regrouped not only the Holy Name Society, but also the Children of Mary and the Sacred Heart Sodality. By all means let us invite our fellow Christians of the non-Catholic persuasion to join us in this holiest of endeavours.

Colin, from Leumeah, NSW
For Martin Kerrigan’s information, the Confraternity of the Holy Name of Jesus is established in Sydney. Members wear the Holy Name badge, receive the confraternity’s newsletter and say the litany of the Holy Name, etc.

Pat from Doonside, NSW
There is something unholy about motion pictures depicting animals as having human qualities, in particular a conscience.

Fr Tom from Bellevue Hill, NSW
The easy way to make heaven on earth for anyone is to make sure that there are angels all about you. Angels are where God is and as God is everywhere we can be sure that there is a multitude of angels always with us filling our world with sweet music because heaven is where God and his angels are. To experience their presence we need the awareness that God and his angels are with us all the time. For such experience of heaven here to be fruitful we must see God in everyone and in everything.

Next we make a strong bond of friendship with the angels by acknowledging their presence, greeting and chatting, making them share the joys and sorrows of our life, inviting them always to join us in our travels, requesting their assistance in our troubles, and always thanking them for the help.

They are ever ready to help anyone. But they cannot do anything unless we ask them.

Richard from Carindale, QLD
If same sex unions are recognised as legal marriages, why not polygamous unions also, and even unions of humans and animals ? In this age of constant incremental change, redefining marriage to include same sex couples could be the first step on a very slippery slope.

I swear I didn’t make any of that up.


OK, but what’s the lesson here?

After this comment from JR on my previous post, I thought I’d better take a closer look at my own backyard. And this is what I found:

So what’s the lesson?

Well, I think the lessons are much the same as in the previous post, with one addition – Australians such as myself shouldn’t be too smug when it comes to marriage laws.

Uncles and nieces… seriously?

So what’s the lesson here?

Now, I’m not an expert, but I think the lesson is that a relationship suffering from a full-on bout of gayness is grosser than one with a mild case of incest.

Or, maybe it’s that it’s better to have an aunt for a mother-in-law than a dad for a mother.

On the other hand, the lesson could be that the slippery slope actually runs backwards, i.e., we don’t want to allow same-sex marriage because it might lead to people not being able to marry their relatives.

Or maybe it’s just an accident of history that is crying out for correction.