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I demand to be heard!

I’m getting really sick of this. People keep trying to stifle my opinions! Which is kind of frustrating, since my ill-informed, psychologically-damaging opinion is heaps more valider than everyone else’s, coming as it does from a narrow interpretation of a single line from a plagiarised set of fairytales that aren’t very interesting and talk a lot about mildew.

“Wow, Tim,” I hear you say. “You seem upset! What happened?”

Glad you asked…

A pesky gay rights organisation called Stonewall placed ads on London buses, proclaiming “Some people are gay. Get over it”. Bit offensive, sure, but that’s their right. The problem came when the morally upright vanquishers of homosexuality from the Core Issues Trust tried to put up ads of their own. All these guys wanted to do was to let everyone know that The Gay can be cured. Seems fair, right? Wrong! The nasty mayor of London cancelled the ads faster than you can say Ted Haggard.

This not only impinges on Christians’ religious freedom, it’s also downright dangerous. The Gay is a disease just like any other. Well, OK sure, they seem to have more fun than people with cancer, but having cancer won’t send you to hell. Unless you’re also gay. But the important thing is, unlike cancer, The Gay can be cured, and souls can be saved! If only the mayor of London would run the ads.

Thankfully, the good people at Core Issues Trust are appealing the decision. Let’s hope they win. Cos if they do, perhaps I’ll finally be able to put up some ads promoting a cure of my own:


If you’re black, please don’t be offended. I have an ancient holy book to back me up.

Not to mention a fuck-tonne of stupid.

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