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Conversation with a Christian

Some of you may have noticed that I am somewhat in favour of marriage equality. What you may not realise is that I don’t understand anyone who isn’t.

Well I guess that’s not quite true. I understand why some people oppose it. Whenever the winds of change come forth to blow away the inequities of our forebears, a brigade of close-minded hypochondriacs stands ready to defend their right to discriminate. We saw it in the fight for universal suffrage, we saw it in the Civil Rights movement in the US, and we’re seeing it again now. There will always be people like Fred Nile, Bill Meuhlenberg, Jim Wallace and Margaret Court, trotting out the same old arguments, and the same old warnings of moral decay and social collapse. People for whom no argument, no matter how rational, will ever be enough to erase a prejudice as indelible as their love of Status Quo. Sorry, the status quo.

What I don’t understand is why so many awesome people oppose it. I have a lot of awesome friends, which isn’t surprising because awesomeness is one of the prerequisites, but every now and then one of them surprises me by expressing an objection to marriage equality. These people aren’t like Mr Meuhlenberg – they’re sensible, well-educated, good-natured, nice people.

I find it baffling.

So, Huge Blog Audience, meet Steve.

Steve is one of my awesome, sensible, well-educated, good-natured, nice friends. He is, in fact, an absolute champion. He is also Christian. And he has very kindly agreed to have a little bit of a blog conversation with me on marriage equality.

The purpose of the discussion, from my point of view, will be two-fold. First and foremost, I want to get to the bottom of why people like Steve oppose it. And when I say “oppose”, I mean active objection, not passive distaste. The tenets of Steve’s faith make it clear that marriage equality is not a “good” thing, but I’d like to get to the bottom of why it’s viewed as a “bad” thing, and, in particular, why people like Steve feel they should try and prevent if they can.

My secondary motive is an unashamed attempt at conversion. I want to try and convince Steve that, even if he personally believes that legalising marriage equality would be “wrong”, if it came down to a referendum, he shouldn’t necessarily vote against it. So, Steve, and any other marriage equality opponents who happen to be reading, prepare yourselves … for conversion!


As well as giving up his precious time to give me someone to argue with on the internet, Steve has also very kindly offered me first post.

See? Told you he was nice.

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