The Good. The Bad. The Asinine.

Just who is this idiot who has suddenly appeared on this blog?

Is a question I’m pretty certain many of you will be asking.

Just so that you’re not totally misled by Tim’s excessively kind introduction of me, I thought I might write a few words on my favourite subject below.

My name is Chris. I was raised as a Catholic until my family got bored of their recently acquired Christianity. After this I was raised as an investment. Neither of these strategies has panned out well for anybody.

I credit myself with being one of the minority of people who both:

a) have an opinion of the bible and quran and;

b) have also read them.

I like candlelit dinners, long walks by moonlight and Irish Whiskey. I only really like one of those things.

As I dislike having to trumpet my politics all the time, I suppose I should make a few things clear at the outset.

  1. I am an Atheist.
  2. I am Pro-Choice, Pro-Equality, and Anti-Having-To-Declare-and-Label-What-Are-Self-Evidently-Reasonable-And-Humane-Positions.
  3. I like Irish Whiskey.

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