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It’s not easy being grey

Ladies, gentlemen, Google internet bots – I need tell you something. For some of you, it will come as a bit of a shock. For others, it’s just confirmation of a long-held and possibly subconscious suspicion.

That’s right, everyone. I’m grey.

Yes, you heard that right. Grey. As grey as a wet week. Greyer than Liberace in that greyscale photo I once saw. Pure, unadulterated, 100% bet your life on it, grey.

Being grey is, I’m sure you can appreciate, a huge part of who I am. I wear grey clothes, I have a lot of grey friends, I go to grey clubs, I listen to grey music (Rene Greyer and Green Grey are my favourites), and I live in what I believe to be a pretty grey-friendly city. My partner is also grey (obviously), and, like most loving couples, we have a lot of socks. Sure, our grey socks might look a little different to your black & white socks, and maybe the thought of us having grey socks grosses you out a bit, but when it comes down to it, my socks and your socks are both about the same thing (keeping our feet warm, obviously).

For most of our history, the world was a very black and white place, and it wasn’t that long ago that an announcement like this would have been unthinkable, or, at the very least, extremely inadvisable. Sure, friends have often asked me if I’m grey. And yes, people still wonder if this or that celebrity or sportsman is grey, and it still makes the news if one of them actually is. There are even some people out there, in 2013, who would love to take our grey socks away from us, or in some cases bleach them white! But it doesn’t bring with it the social (and sometimes literal) death it once did.

So give it a try. Try and see people as they are, not how you think they should be. Beware of absolutes. Try and live a little outside your own narrow experience, and accept that, while we are all heading to the same place, there are 7 billion ways to get there. And your way isn’t necessarily better than anyone else’s.

But most of all, recognise that diversity is a gift, and the richness of our shared experiences is enhanced by the differences in the people around us.

Life’s better with a little grey.

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