The Good. The Bad. The Asinine.

People are weird

Well, they are. Look at these three, for starters.

Over in NZ, a lawyer has solved a problem that has been baffling women since we first climbed out of the trees. His client, a bouncer, allegedly promised a female patron that he could get her into his bar. He led her down a side alley, and then allegedly raped her. At the subsequent trial, the lawyer was apparently quite brilliant, leading a number of people to draw a comparison with Atticus Finch, or possibly even Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee. He saved his most brilliant argument until last, however, when he remarked that if a woman didn’t want to get raped (and I’m pretty sure most don’t) then:

All she would have had to do [is] close her legs… it’s as simple as that.

I think I’ll just leave that there.

Back in Australia, Bernard Gaynor, a white married heterosexual Catholic Army reservist who hates everyone who isn’t a white married heterosexual Catholic Army reservist and is even too wacky for Bob Katter, wrote a blog post proclaiming that transgendered people don’t exist. The source of his proclamation was Dr Joseph Berger, who also believes that we should encourage the bullying of transgendered children, because it might learn ’em some good. When reader Troy asked Bernard whether he also shared this view, he responded with this:

Sure – kids that are put in cotton wool because of their delusional feelings end up growing to think that the taxpayer should fund their cosmetic surgery. It’s not teasing. It’s letting them know that they need to grow up, not live in a fantasy land.

There’s enough weirdness in that to be going on with, given that it’s coming from someone who believes that every Sunday he eats the flesh of a temporarily-deceased Jewish zombie bastard. But the really weird thing is that Bernard has five children of his own. And he’ll continue to have five children, as long as none of them turn out to be transgendered, possibly because they would cease to exist, but most likely because they would realise their father is a wanker.

Meanwhile, in NSW, a parliamentary vote on same-sex marriage failed by 21 votes to 19. The loyal disciples of Fred Nile’s Facebook page were overjoyed, despite the vote being largely meaningless, and the legalisation of marriage equality in Australia being an inevitability delayed only by a white married heterosexual Catholic volunteer fire fighter. One disciple, Jillian, even saw fit to tell the rest of us that it was tough luck, because:

this is how democracy works the majority wins. If you know a better way please tell us all love to hear your ideas?

Yes, a living, breathing human being somehow thought it sensible to use “majority rules” as an argument against same-sex marriage, when 70% of her fellow citizens disagree with her.

Oh well, I guess it is only 70%.

Don’t let the weirdness get you down. I’m sure they’re the only three.

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