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Bashing the ‘Common Man’

In an attempt to sell some books, I very recently ramped up my engagement with the citizens of the internet. Up till now I’ve been quite selective in my web-based circles of acquaintance, but this ceases to be possible when you have a product to whore around the market place. The sort of democratic availability that this entails has brought me into contact with the breathtaking pointy-headedness of the sort of people who generally leave comments on Youtube.

Now, stupid Americans, Britishers, Germans and Iranians are not really my problem as I feel (possibly erroneously) that people being stupid in their mothers’ basements thousands of miles away probably doesn’t affect me. Stupid Australians, on the other hand, are an entirely different matter.

I recently came across a series of videos going the rounds of Facebook. One in particular struck me as a worrying indication of what an actual majority of Australians might be thinking.

The scene: Action shot of a white SUV pelting down a highway, POV being over the shoulder of a Middle Eastern gentleman holding an AK47 in the crook of his arm. As the Middle Eastern gentleman’s vehicle pulls up level with the white SUV, he sticks the rifle out the window and randomly pours fire into it.

The caption: “This is what Moslem immigration will bring to Australia”.

Now, there’s just a few things wrong with this.

Firstly, there is no context for this video – no knowing where it is shot, by whom or even if it is part of some dramatic production. There is an Arabic caption bottom screen left which I and (I am absolutely certain) the video’s poster cannot read. Other than that, and it’s tenuous at best, we have nothing to connect the video with Islam at all.

Secondly, what is ‘Moslem immigration’? From comments below the video, one could be forgiven for thinking that this country is being inundated with a flood of Moslem immigrants arriving by boat from the dreaded land of Moslamia. One commenter evidently held the belief that ‘Moslem’ was an ethnicity originating from a country called Islamabad.

Thirdly, the SUV in the video is not available for sale in this country. A minor point, I know, but I needed a third thing and didn’t think it was necessary to point out that hardly any of the billion Moslems in the world go about firing assault rifles at random vehicles.

All fairly obvious and stupid, right? The problem, however, is that the video showed hundreds of shares and thousands of likes and comments, all on an individual’s stream, indicating that a much wider circulation and approval exists.

Is this really the state of public perception in this country? Does this accurately represent the thinking of ‘The Common Man’? If so, I officially refuse to pay any further attention whatsoever to the gibberings of this ‘Common Man’.

If that is seriously the best he can do, then the best thing he can do for all of us is to keep quiet and read a book. One of mine, maybe. I need the money, after all.

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  1. UseYourBrain says:

    You seem surprised. Have you not been listening to what our successive governments have been telling us?

  2. Chris says:

    UYB – You make a good point. Thing is, though, that the very same people who say this sort of crap are also those who effect a sort of world-weary cynicism regarding government and the mass media. I guess I’m a little bit surprised that people who constantly say they don’t believe their politicians are willing to swallow the party line so thoroughly.

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