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De-Radicalisation Case Study No 2

Recently, the de-radicalisation handbook went out to the nation’s schools. In order to provide teachers with a better understanding of the warning signs of radicalisation, the book contained a single case study involving Karen, who becomes an alternative music fan and treehugger. It occured to me that more might be required to help this important work along, so I have provided another case study, thus doubling the effectiveness of the booklet.

Tony (half his real name)

Tony Abbott

Tony grew up in a loving family on Sydney’s affluent Northern Beaches. Then, upon leaving school, he went to uni at a well-known centre for establishment indoctrination. He got involved in violent sports and student politics, and began hanging around with right wing conservatives. At the foreign training camp he was attending, some alumni were known to have mocked poor people for fun and committed sex acts on dead pigs.

Eventually, Tony became fully immersed in the world of right wing politics and entrenched himself in a safe Liberal seat where he took his religious jihad out on the hapless Australian people. Tony eventually became Prime Minister and during his time in office spent every waking hour attempting to strike terror into the hearts of the people. He said at the time that he felt like a soldier for the righteous, and that he was trying to do the right thing for society. Tony became completely cut off from reality and, just after he left office, some de-radicalisation brochures that he had inspired were published.

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